We know what it takes to market your small business online. Sometimes it seems too much to manage. That’s where we come in.

We specialise in Marketing, Brand Development, Social Media Management and Web Development to help you and your small business obtain the success you deserve

About The Company

We help small businesses increase their presence and become a brand. With Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Videography and Photography expertise on board, we'll help create your identity, generate growth and scale up your enterprise.



We at MarketMaxNZ begun our journey as the marketing department for a small startup business. We realised that our methods really do work after our strategy helped the startup to disrupt a whole industry and become market leaders. Now we've expanded to be able to offer our services to everyone. We understand the needs of small business because we are a small business, and have roots in the world of a startups. We understand the stresses and needs of a new and growing enterprise and will use our expertise to help you reach your full potential.

Meet Our Team

Our friendly team of experts have made it their passion to excel in their respective fields. Our combined talents coalesce to provide one unified vision for your business.

We appreciate creativity and we encourage people to think outside of the box, to spread their wings and succeed. This mentality allows us to always find ways to better our service and see the people behind the process.

Our Portfolio


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What people say?

Pt 1 -"I was introduced to Fawaz Hussissy of MarketMax about 5 months ago and to be honest, trusting in them to improve my social media prescence has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Being of a generation that did not grow up with social media, my interest in it is limited. I have always had a business facebook page and instagram page but they were both very basic. Now however, they are both amazing and it's all thanks to Fawaz and his team. They do fabulous posts each week and they have also completely revamped my website which is now modern and much easier to navigate around."

Paula Hems - Rural People

What People Say?

Pt. 2 - "I could not recommend MarketMax highly enough, they are fabulous at what they do and Fawaz is great at communicating with me about what they are doing with my social media. I sleep easy at night now knowing that MarketMax is taking care of that side of my business, which also leaves me more time to focus on growing my business.

Paula Hems - Rural People

What people say?

"VisaMaxNZ and MarketMaxNZ work closely together. The team has helped us immensely over the past year to improve our social media marketing strategy and implementation. I trust their work 100% and they are only getting better and better. Through their efforts, our business has been able to grow and scale, which is exactly what we want!"

Bevan O'Connor, VisaMaxNZ

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